5 Books for Faithful Christian Living in 2023

5 Books for Faithful Christian Living in 2023

If you're like us, your nightstand is already crowded with books that are waiting to be read. We hope you have room for 5 more. 

Here are five recommended reads to encourage faithful Christian living in 2023. None of these links are affiliate links, but all links are affiliated with faithful Christian living. 



1. Thoughts for Young Men, by JC Ryle

This one is for the gents. Ryle packages his timeless wisdom for young men in a very short book, with a fatherly appeal that reads like the paternal charge from Proverbs. It's punchy, direct, but delivered with pastoral care. 


2. Eve in Exile, by Rebekah Merkle

This one is for the ladies. There was a documentary released this year with the same name, but the book came first. This is an inspirational read on Biblical womanhood that will both challenge and encourage you. 


3. The Exemplary Husband by Stuart Scott & The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace

These are actually two separate books, but they pair well together for a husband and wife. Both are drenched in Scripture, cover relevant topics for couples, and are rooted in a desire to see men and women faithfully live their marital roles for the glory of God. 


4. Redeeming Productivity, by Reagan Rose

There are thousands of productivity books out there. Everyone wants the secret sauce to getting more done. Reagan provides a practical and Biblical view on productivity that will help shape your thinking on the subject and encourage action. 


5. Expert Ownership, by the Behnam Brothers

This one is for the entrepreneurial types. In this book, the Benham Brothers piece together a practical process for building a Kingdom-minded business from the ground up. Fun fact - you can get this book for free (follow the link), and we followed these processes when creating Credo Threads. 


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