About Don and Kelli

We are a husband-wife team, with a love for God and His people, and we wear clothes.

We live in Texas with our two young daughters, and our family is the force behind Credo Threads.

Credo Threads - Our Story

Credo Threads launched in November of 2022. But as a family, our involvement with online clothing sales goes back a few years. 
In 2020, we started selling our own designs through drop-shipping. This began as an outlet to itch the ever-present entrepreneurial bug that infests our family's dreams, a way to express our oftentimes wacky humor, and an avenue to make a little extra money on the side. 
We quickly learned that drop-shipping distances you from both your products and your customers. We wanted a closer connection with both. 
This little endeavor also introduced us to the online clothing space. While saturated, this market has a gap; it is missing a Christian clothing company that serves as a comprehensive place for families to purchase comfortable and functional clothes. 
Closing this gap is our generational goal with Credo Threads. We want to become a clothing company that provides comfortable and functional clothes for all generations. And we want to be a brand that proudly celebrates God's story He has been writing for generations: the transformative belief in His Son, Jesus Christ. 
Our mission is to inspire faithful Christian living through our clothing, so that generations will live for His Name's sake. 
We will start slowly, one design at a time, and by lighting one torch at a time. And while one torch might only provide enough light for a few to see in the dark, thousands of torches can illuminate a city
Help us light the torch by following us on our journey. 
We hope you like our products. But if you don't, we will forgive you, because we are a Christian clothing company.

For His Name's sake,

Don & Kelli